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Vaccinations for teenagers - our recommendations

Vaccines  for adolescents need to kept up to date  and newer vaccine recommendations  are important for you to know about. This article will briefly indicate which vaccines are recommended  and then go into detail for each and why.   These assume that recommended vaccines up until age 4 to 6 years have been given previously.

Click on the links below for more information about each vaccine.

Grade 7:  Hepatits B and Menactra  given  in Ontario Schools during the school year

Grade 8: HPV/Gardasil given free of charge to Girls only in Ontario schools during the school year. Note recommendation for updated Gardisil 9 available for males and females  not covered by OHIP and available for a fee via  our office for teenage boys and girls age 10 and over 

Age 14: DPT Diptheria Pertussis Tetanus booster.  

Age 15+:  Meningococcal-b not covered by OHIP and availabe for a fee via our office

Grade 12: Menactra booster is not covered by OHIP and availabe for a fee via our office